Covid-19 Will Have a Scarring Effect on Graduates

Navigating life and careers will be harder for the Covid cohort

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The scarring of a generation

In recent years, graduates have enjoyed a benign job market where opportunities abound. The most common complaint from companies was the lack of talent, and often they were willing to pay a premium for candidates with the right training and education. This meant students could often pick not only where they wanted to work, but how, with companies prepared to be flexible when it came to working arrangements and perks.

Building resilience means understanding what really matters in life

Society teaches us to value a steady progression in life that involves education, work, more education, work, and even more work. Rarely do we ever stop to sit back and wonder if this is sustainable or beneficial for health. The reality is that life is absolutely not a story of steady progression and advancement. Life involves any number of setbacks, the vast majority of which are outside of our control.

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